Completed Projects

  • ISAC-VNMS (ISRO Satellite Centre - Visalini's Network Management System)

  • Provided with a time period of 2 years to complete the assignment. However, it was completed it, within 35 days.

  • After the completion of the project, it was presented in front of the ISRO council members.

  • It was submitted to Government of India, through Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) at my 15 years and was named after me.

  • It was the first time in Indian history, that a 15 years old, was invited to work on a confidential project for ISRO.

  • The details about this work are restricted due to proprietary conditions.

  • ViSDAC (Visalini's Solution for Demonetization Against Corruption)

  • Gave a possible solution to the Government of India for implementation during demonetization to make the process smoother.

  • The details about this work are restricted due to certain proprietary conditions.

  • Currently Undertaking Projects

  • SOS Equipment for Soldiers

  • The Indian Soldiers at the Siachen Glacier area, a part of the Himalayas located 5,400 m above the sea level, protect the country keeping their lives at risk due to very uncertain weather conditions like landfalls, snowstorms and temperature of up to -50oC.

  • Developed a solution that helps in identifying the locations of the soldiers struck in emergency circumstances and aid in recovering them.

  • SOS Equipment for Women

  • Even though a lot of SOS devices and applications meant for women are available in the market, this device‚Äôs uniqueness lies in its easy-to-access feature and reachability at any place including forbidden locations.

  • SOS Equipment for Fishermen

  • The Indian Peninsular fishermen face the uncertain wild face of the oceans during storms and are unable to reach out for help due to the unavailability of network inside the sea.

  • This project allows them to

  • get alerted about the upcoming calamity

  • reach out for help to the coast guard and nearby ships

  • locate their location to rescuers

  • Assistive Technology for Mentally-Challenged

  • An AI that helps to handle people of any age group with various levels of ID and can assist the doctors and special educators in handling the person and provides much better level of analysis and therapeutic conditions for behavior, sensory conditioning and self-care.

  • Assistive Technology for Visually-Challenged

  • Currently, Visually-impaired persons undertake any kind of examinations with an aid of another person (scribe).

  • The project aims at allowing them undertake all their exams individually without any dependency on other persons.

  • A preliminary study shows that, the concept itself uplifts their self-confidence and morale.

  • Chatbot using Reddit Threads

  • In search of data for my own chatbot, it was found that reddit community being the best place with massive data.

  • This allows it to be a generalized chatbot that is able chat on any topic.


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